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2021 BLK XLNCE Fest Team 

Film Production Team: 

Film Director - William Wofford, Wil Wes Studios 


Film Producer & Creative Director - Talethe Jackson, R.E.A.L. Scholars 


Stage Coordinator & Designer - Tammekia Fraction, Manifestive Events by MEkia


Fashion Designer - Cocoa Patterson, SewGraceful Designs 


Make-Up Artistry: Drea Clinkscale & Shekelviyah Wilson


Marketing Designer: Colby Mitchell, Detail7


Audio Visual & Lighting - Victor Cobbs, KV Stage Production

Film Performance & Special Acts: 


Vocal Artists & Musicians: 

Cecily Wilborn         Cameron Parsons        Du’Ryan Flie 


Ethel Tamara         Pearlethe Collins        Ray Wimley


Musical Group/Band

 Meant To Be 


Dancers & Choreographer:

Dynamic Dancers | Coach Dee


Lyrical Artists: 

Jennifer Bryant           LaChrissa Lucky


Creative Artists: 

Brittany Williams            Devin Hall 


Runway Fashion: 

Tanisha Body        Astazzia Buchanan        Asha Gray 


Nia Gray        Davonda Robinson     Brittney Wade 


Osha Westbrook       Olivia Williams       Sabrina Wyers       Monica Young 

Marquis Cooper Jr.      Justin Wilborn 


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