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A Round of Applause: Scholar News in 2022

Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients as they wrap up their first year of college!

Derrick Hooks - attends AR Tech University with aspirations relative to a career in Agriculture. Mr. Hooks currently balance working part-time while being a full-time academic student.

Krissy White - attends UA Little Rock with a declared major in Nursing. Ms. White shares an aspiration to one day work at a Children's Hospital after completing her degree. She also currently balance working part-time while being a full-time academic student.

Aja Tucker - attends Tennessee State University (TSU) and shares a passion for Nursing. While working part-time and being a full-time academic student, she achieved a 4.0 GPA during her Fall Semester. Ms. Tucker was also inducted into the "Freshman Institute"at TSU as one of the 124 inductees for her academic achievement and leadership.

We are so very proud of our scholarship recipients and wishing them well as they finish their first academic year strong.

Our 2020 scholarship recipient, Scholar Shuniya Weeams is wrapping up her sophomore year at the Arkansas State University of Jonesboro!

Ms. Weeams has maintained good academic standing while working

part-time as a full-time student.

Shuniya Weeams, Class of 2020 | Arkansas State University of Jonesboro - Speech Pathology

Our 2019 scholarship recipient, Scholar Warrenesha Arnold is wrapping up her Junior Year at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville! Ms. Arnold has maintained great academic standing in her studies while being a full-time student, working part-time and emerging her own business of Nyarai Skincare, LLC. We are so very proud of her accomplishments!

Warrenesha Arnold | University of Arkansas at Fayetteville | Human Nutrition and Dietetics

She was also recently admitted into the 2022 Women's Economic Mobility Hub Cohort in honor of her Nyarai Skincare, LLC and we couldn't be more proud. Please click the link below for more information to support her and the remaining cohort members.

We are so very proud of our scholars and look forward to witnessing what our scholars will achieve as they continue their educational journey.

At this time, our 2022 Scholarship Portal is still open for Senior High School students expected to graduate in May 2022. All applicants must currently reside in Marianna or Forrest City, Arkansas with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.

The deadline to apply is April 4th. Click here to apply today!

For more information about our scholarship program, please contact Ms. Talethe Collins at (870) 821-2645 or via email at anytime.

Thank you so much and we appreciate your continued support.

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