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Our Scholars Conquer Virtual Learning During A Pandemic!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Our first scholarship recipient, Scholar Warrenesha Arnold completed her Sophomore Year at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville! Ms. Arnold completed her 2nd year with a 3.5 Cumulative GPA and received two scholarships (NWA Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship) and (Stanley & Charlene Reed Access Arkansas Scholarship) by networking and maintaining outstanding academic achievements on/off campus.

She also recently received two special awards for her growth in academic achievements this year. The Lotus Award for commitment to growth and The Parice Bowser & Adrian Smith Service Award in honor of her time and energy in serving the University of Arkansas campus and community above normal expectations.

Warrenesha Arnold | University of Arkansas at Fayetteville | Human Nutrition and Dietetics

"REAL Scholars has helped me to overcome my comfort zone. Now, I find it meaningful to network and build friendships with people who are in a different field of studies than I because success goes beyond academics". - Warrenesha Arnold

Warrenesha's statement regarding her oppositions faced during the pandemic:

"It's important to avoid taking situations personally whenever you don't have control over it. Regardless of an in-person or online course, it is important to overcome obstacles. Never let the world curve your vision. Never let failure determine your destination and find a way to keep moving forward to discover your gift."

One of our 2020 scholarship recipients, Scholar Shuniya Weeams completed her Freshmen Year at the Arkansas State University of Jonesboro! Ms. Weeams finished her first year with a 3.0 Cumulative GPA.

"Use every resource you possibly can and to take the opportunity that you are giving, don't take it for granted, and make the best of it."- Shuniya W.

Shuniya Weeams, Class of 2020 | Arkansas State University of Jonesboro - Speech Pathology

Shuniya's statement regarding her oppositions faced during the pandemic:

"With everything being virtual, the experience of on-campus learning was taking away from us. Some of the experiences were still present, but not the full experience. Tip: Learn as the same you would while being in the classroom, stay on top of everything and your assignments."

We are so very proud of our scholars and look forward to witnessing what our scholars will achieve as they continue their educational journey.

Also we would like to share a special congratulations to our 2021 Scholarship Recipients:

For more information about our scholarship program, please contact Talethe Collins at (870) 821-2645 or via email at anytime. Thank you so much!

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